Food Application for Sunset Celebration

Thanks for inquiring about selling food at Sunset Celebration. The first step is to complete this application and mail it, along with a your proposal, to CPS along with a check for $5.00 made out to CPS (include pictures or drawings of cart ) . Next you must appear before the Participation Committee and present your proposal for a food cart. Eligibility is judged on originality (no duplication of existing food), length of time on waiting list, location, etc. No franchises or agents are permitted. The owner of the business must be on site during operation. There is a $15.00 jury fee. In the event you are accepted your operation must meet the following criteria:

• food items must be juried by committee
• meet all State of Florida health regulations
• must have a sales tax number from the Florida Dept. of Revenue
• must be set up and operational by one month after acceptance
• cart must be no larger than 4' x 7'
• must use only propane or butane for fuels
• owner must be on site during operation



CITY -STATE___________________________________________

PHONE #_________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS__________________________________

FAX #____________________________________________




Thanks for inquiring about setting up. We're looking foreword to seeing you and good luck! Send application, proposal and check for $5.00 made out to CPS to:

Participation Committee 
Sunset Celebration
P.O. Box 4837
Key West, FL 33041

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