Procedure for Setting Up as a Performer:

Performers are not jurried, We do not make advanced reservations for acts. Participation and location is determined on a nightly basis.

  1. Show up on site at the Manager’s kiosk behind the arches on Mallory Square two hours and 15 minutes before the time of sunset.

  2. Fill out and sign a registration and release form.

  3. All performers must participate in a seniority based lottery for spots prior to set up.

  4. As of December 1, 2014 all performers must pay a set fee to set up: $20 for large acts and $7 for small acts (individual musicians, balloon twisters, etc.).

    If you need any further information you may contact via email at

Performer's Guidelines

  • Keep your audience toed up close to your act (it is recommended that you use a rope to delineate your stage area)

  • Large acts, Regulate your “show” time to a half hour or less while taking at least a fifteen minute break between shows. musicians can play straight through.

  • Refrain from using profanity, slander or obscene language in your act or towards other participants

  • Be courteous to spectators, artisans and fellow performers alike

  • There are two amplified spaces available they are generally taken by performers with seniority. No other amplification is allowed this includes radios microphone systems and any kind of recorded music. The amp ban is because the performance locations are very close together.

  • If fire is used in an act, a fire extinguisher is required

  • No potentially dangerous audience participation is permitted

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited

  • If your act generates a mess, you must clean it up

  • All performers are to work for tips only- the sale of merchandise related to your act is permitted pending approval by the Participation Committee

There are plenty of spaces available for buskers in the summer. We try to accommodate all performers. There are times of the year when the pier is full and we cannot guarantee a space during these times.

We hope to see you at Sunset!