Where is Sunset Celebration?

Sunset Celebration is located on Mallory Square Dock and Plaza in Key West,  Florida. It is on the north west waterfront close to the foot of Duval St. (old town’s main street).

What is the entrance fee to Sunset Celebration?

It is totally free to attend Sunset Celebration. We only ask the you support the local artists, performers and food vendors by purchasing their art, eating their creative food and tipping the buskers.

What is the best way to get to Sunset Celebration?

The easiest way to get to the event is by walking or by bicycling.There is a parking lot at Mallory Square but it is expensive to park ($4.00 per hour). If you are going to drive it is recommended to park on the street and walk in as the lot can be very congested during sunset hours.

How do the Street Performers get paid?

The street performers do not get paid. They make all of their money from tips from the spectators. If you watch a performers show PLEASE be considerate and leave a tip. It will be much appreaciated and you will be a hero!

Who runs Sunset Celebration?

Sunset Celebration is managed by the Key West Cultural Preservation Society a non-profit arts organization. We rent Mallory Square from the City of Key West and charge the artists a nominal fee to set up to help with the expenses. We also accept donations from donors who are thrilled to support this spectacular event!

What time does Sunset Celebration take place?

The festival begins around two hours before Sunset and ends approximately soon after sunset. The event takes place every night 7 days a week, 365 days a year (weather permitting).

See Schedule below for monthly setup times: we reccomend getting there 1 hour after startup when the crowd has grown.

January          4:00 PM
February        4:15 PM
March            4:30 PM
   – Daylight Savings –
April               5:30 PM

April                5:45 PM
May                 6:00 PM
June                6:15 PM
July                 6:15 PM
August            6:00 PM
September     5:45 PM

October          5:15 PM
November     5:00 PM
   – Daylight Savings –
November     3:45 PM
December     3:45 PM