Sunset Celebration

Artists at Sunset Celebration

Sunset Celebration is and arts and craft show and has a wide variety of artists who exhibit their art on Mallory Dock each night. The event collectively serves as a cottage industry and a means by which many Key West artists make their living. Sunset also serves as a destination for many transient and seasonal crafters who follow the art fair circuit and the sun. The following are a few, but not all of the artisans who participate in Sunset Celebration:


Clyde Powell- Hemp Jewelry
Susanne Buxton- Unique jewelry designs
Joyce Straiton- Jewelry from handcrafted flamework beads.
Annie Summers- Bracelets, necklaces, earrings
Beth Hodgin- Sterling Silver Wire, Glass  and Stone Jewelry
Javier Diaz- Hand crafted silver jewelry
Barb Winko- Glass Jewelry
Fran Doll and Dennis Blankenheim- Bronze Jewelers
Jimmy Brogden- Fused Glass Jewelry
Wendel Winko- Glass Jewelry
Meike- Folk Jewelry
Katharine Doughty- Wrapped Stone Jewelry
Elise Scott- Fused Glass Jewelry, Flat Bottle Cheese Boards

Madek- Bracelets of Vintage Vinyl Records


Michel Delgado- African style prints and tee shirts.
Claudia Richards- Tee shirt art
Buschi Zimpel- Hand painted tee-shirts
Joanne Hasman- Sunset Tee Shirts

Carol Lennon- Hand painted shirts and children's clothing


  Don and Shirley Sullivan- Incredible Sunset Photos
  Isaac Valdes- Photographer
  Dave Del Rosso- Digital Photos, Web Site Design
  Clara Taylor- Underwater Photography, Wedding Photos
  Joey Smith- Tropical Photography
  Harriette- Keys Photography
  Rebecca Berman- Key West Photography
  Nicholas Bergery- Tropical Photos
  Gary Sibley- Key West and Aerial Photography


Marek Porembski- Bamboo Creations
Larry Batts- Sculpted clocks, wall sculpture, painted sand dollars.
Isaias Mendoza- Hand carved wooden objects


Ryan Stimers- Wire sculpture 
Jeffry Kaplan- Aluminum Can Airplanes


Alysa- Henna Body Art
Peter Fox-
Theraputic Massage


Susan Schaal- DOGGIE DUDS!- Pet Art
Danielle Wittler- Designer Hand Made Bags
Gail Huhtamaki – Scarves and Other Funky Fiber Accessories
Uli Schachtschneider – “Ductor Tape” Duct Tape Wallets


Antonio- Paintings and Prints
Janis Jo Stevens- Sunset and Tropical Flowers, Oil Portrait Paintings and Prints 
Ray Rolston- Colorful Paintings
Melanie Griffiths- Original Paintings and Prints
Antonio Mendez- Pictures from Bird Feathers
Isaias Mendoza- Paintings and Prints


Vicki Frecknall- Decorative Switch Plate Covers
Michael Liguori-Nautical  Blown Glass
Derek Lyzwinski- Tropical Christmas Ornaments
Sandy Guthrie- Flat Bottles- Recycled Art
Antonio Mendez- Painted Feather Pictures

Sara Tito- Painted Glass Objects
Lee Ann McCarthy- Lobster Trap Frames
Esther Tito- Painted Glass Housewares
Trish Pleasant- Sculpted Copper Objects
Mike & Lisa Hancox- Custom Art Signs
Hal- Coconut Dog and Cat Toys


Solaya- Tarot Card Reader Hypnosis Web Site


Mike and Debbie Sattelmeier- Conch Fritters, Key Lime Tea and Lemon-Lime Surprise
OJ Dave's Tropical Treats- Smoothies, Lemonade and Fresh Squeezed OJ Hypnosis Web Site
Popcorn Clara Freshly popped popcorn
Joe's Popcorn "Pretty Good Popcorn"
Jan Nelson-  Blended frozen lemonades and pina coladas (virgin of course!)
Key West Pretzels and great hot dogs!

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