Arts & Crafts

Setting up as an Artisan

Sunset Celebration is an arts show which takes place on Mallory Square Dock (see map) every night two hours before sunset until two hours after. The artist selling on site must manufacture each item sold at the festival and only the juried artist will be permitted to set up. please call to confirm that the jury date is still scheduled. Each artisan will participate in a nightly seniority based lottery to determine set up space. There is a nightly set up fee. You will be asked to present your tax number and sign a release form prior to setting up on the first day.

How to Jury for Sunset Celebration

The demonstration days happen on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every Month at 10 am at  Bayview Park (Click for a map)  Please call to verify the meeting before you come, just in case. The purpose of the meeting is to see you demonstrate that you do, indeed, have the crafting skills you would need to be producing the items you want to sell. In other words, you need to make one of your items on site. we do have electricity. We are also looking to see that the item is an appropriate item for our event.

If you wish to participate as an artist, crafts person, or a service provider (tarot card reader, henna tattoo, hair wrap, massage, etc.),  you must present your craft and crafting process to the participation Committee in person, or in some cases by skype.

 Click here for a description of the demonstration & jury process.

You may also submit an application by mail first in order to get feedback without coming to the jury date, however, you still need to later appear in person or by Skype and demonstrate how you make your product to receive an official decision before you would be allowed to sell. Click here for instructions on how to pre-jury by mail.

If you you jury on a Monday, in most cases you will receive a decision the same day and people who are accepted may begin to work.

If accepted, you must sell one day in the next 30 days to lock in your acceptance.

*After acceptance all Artists and Crafters must work during a 12 month period or they will be stricken from the rolls and will have to re-jury (subject to caps) in order to return to Sunset and set up.

Non-Profit Organization Set Up

Set ups are available for non-profit organizations are available on a limited basis. For more information contact us at This is not a quick process as we need to get approval from the city before we may allow a new organization to set up.

For more detailed information see the Complete Set Up Guide or e-mail the Participation Committee at