The Jeep and Cleo Show

Jeep and Mo Entertaining at Sunset
Jeep and Cleo Entertaining at Sunset

Jeep has been performing at Sunset Celebration since 1987 doing different acts such as tying balloons, Magic, music, white face clown and of course animal acts.

Don't miss the Jeep and Cleo Show where Cleo the dog walks a tight rope and performs numerous other tricks. They have been doing this show for about seven years

Cleo was born January 16, 2005 and I got her in late February. Cleo just hung out being a puppy and I really didn't do any training with her until Mo died. I trained Cleo in 20 days to do most all of Mo's tricks. The training of her to do the show was and is much harder. Cleo's been performing about three months now and she is doing extremely well . I know you will want to come and pet her and see her strut her stuff ant the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square.

Jeep and Mo appeared on the television program Pet Star on Animal Planet. Mo won first prize, $2500, in the competition and returned for the finals but lost out on the $25,000 grand prize but was featured as one of the characters on Pet Stars Greatest Moments.


Read the article about Jeep in The Miami Herald, The Keys, by Ozzie Osbourne

Mo- Born June 1, 1995, died January 4th 2006

Read about Mo's funeral procession in Key West.

Cleo Walks the Tight Rope

Cleo jumps for the money!

Contact Jeep:

Jeep Caillouet
P.O. Box 0521
Key West, Florida  33041