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Historical Picture Archives

Here is a list of old sunset photos. If you have any you would like to add to this list e-mail us and we can make arrangements to have them mailed, scanned and returned.

Thanks to Dave Patterson for these photos!

Will Soto
Joseph the Silverman
Joseph the Silverman
Joseph the Silverman
Popcorn Clara
OJ Dave

More Vintage Photos

Wood Carver on Old Pier (photo by Bill Del Rosso)
Vintage Love 22 (photo by Bill Del Rosso)
The Cookie Lady
Pre CPS meeting
Magical Mystical Michael
Tye Dye Roger
Tim Eric at lottery
Love 22 watches an act
OJ Dave
Trish sings and Kristin plays guitar
Birdie McLaine and Cyrus P. Kosky III

Historical Post Card of Sunset
Postcard by D. Kennedy


Thanks Noodleman Ron for these YouTube links to Sunset happenings from the early 1990's-

CNN Key West

State Rep - Ron Saunders
City Commission - CPS


View pics of OJ Dave's honorary roast in 2005

Old waterfront scene
Featherman Louie
Coconut Dave
Henrietta Weaver
Cookie Lady 2000
In memory of Garnett Ostrander
Mike Duffy
Guacamole- By John and Natali
Ginger Snaps- Funnel Cakes
Jane Ditty
In memory of Tony Ware who contributed so much to the success of the CPS.
Another photo of Tony Ware on his way to work.
Duane Scott- Fun Stix
Annabel O'Connor- Jewelry
Sister- Tye dye tee shirts
Dawn- Custom designed switch plates and mirrors
Andreas Eggar- Sculpted metal jewelry.
Don Werner- Coin jewelry.
Jay Bright- Hair Wraps.
Gail Emery- Mehndi- Temporary Body Art.
Neat Ties- Hand made reversible ties.
Fernando- Cool caricatures.
Noodle Ron 1
Noodle Ron 2
Noodle Ron 3
Noodle Ron 4
Kim Miller- Bottle Lamps
Ibashi-i- Contortionist
Whistling Tom- The Puckulatory Pirate, internationally renowned whistler and singer

Palm Frond Shari
Len Kelly- Wire wrap jewelry- In Memorium

Many thanks to Gerry Waters for this series of great photos taken at Sunset over the past years:

Here's a great shot of Amazin' Walter in a clown outfit.
Bounce the Clown with son Daniel and trained dogs.
Bounce the Clown and Madam Ooh La La juggling pins.
Bounce and La doing a show.
Dennis the Bagpiper at water's edge.
Dennis Blankenheim with his jewelry stand.
The Catman with trained cat.
Unidentified Conga drummer.
After sunset conga jam session.
Unidentified fire eater.
Frank Simon balancing a bike on his mouth.
Unidentified guitarist with cool little kid.
Harold the popcorn man.
Dominique's cat leaping through a hoop of fire.
Unidentified jugglers.
Deanna? at the Key Lime Pie cart.
Children spectators.
Love 22
Marlyn, the "Cookie Lady."
Fast Matt ready to do six balls.
Baby Nick Soto with a juggling pin.
Baby Nick escaping from chains.
Madam Ooh La La juggling fire.
Pablo grabbing a snack from Falafel Louie.
Unidentified portrait artist.
Ruth the belly dancer.
Unidentified Sax player.
A sketch artist.
Will Soto on the high wire.
Will on the wire with pins.
Will with Nicky.
Silhouette of Will on the wire with panoramic sky.
Will on the wire.
Will with Pedro, the conga drummer.
Claudia J. Tee shirts and kids stuff
Joe Carter- Air brushed tee shirts.
Mike Curetin- Tye Dye Tee Shirts
Andrej Smoter- Art tee shirts
Meghan Cole- Massage Therapy
Roy Bamfield- Massage Therapy
Holly McConnell-  Pet Hats and bandanas 
Donnie the Mad Hatter- Palm frond weaving
C. Rodd- Happy Hats
Mitch and Jen Disanto- Colorful art objects
Dayl Culpepper- Hand made candles
Pricilla Dervin- Decoupage Art
Jenne Artz- Hand made scented soaps
Kat Garratt- Paintings, prints and pictures
Barbara Bowers- Painted plaques and art coloring books
Kenny Ford- Silver Smith
Gail Hancock- Hand made beaded jewelry
John Miller- Hand made jewelry pieces
Ron Hernandez- Airbrush Designs- Hand painted tee shirts.
Cydall Cochran- Tee-shirt art, island paintings (Cydall is standing in rear with Claudia J.)
Maria Lanaertz- Tee Shirts
Greg Gutsche- Hand crafted wood art objects
Doug O' Neil- Exotic candle lanterns
Gus Butcher- Hand Painted Silk
Terry Raymond Palm Frond Hats, Baskets and Novelties
Barbara Gray- Crocheted pieces (for Barbi Dolls too!)
Joyce Craul- Colorful Handbags
Andy Mohl- Caricature Artist and Paintings
Steven Kernen- Caricatures, Cartoons, Drawings
Annette Wimmer- Femo designs.
Erica Velasquez- Colorful hand painted boxes
Gary Fowler- Fine Ceramic art objects and glazed ceramics
Daniel Maldonado- Whimsical figurines
The Spell Lady -Hand Made Spell Dolls, Kits and Pins
Robert Hans- Enameled metal sculpture
Walt Hyla- Tee Shirts and Ceramics

This group of photos was discovered in the storage unit:

Al & Dean & friends at the senior center
Vintage Bagpiper
Becky and Friends
Bounce and La
Catman steals a kiss
Popcorn Clara
Cleaning the old cistern
Dan the deaf magician
Dominique, Jeanne at party
Donnie the Weaver
Early Mike S. with Key Lime Surprise
Sunset Family
The Gambling Ship
General Meeting at Ft. Zac
Ginger Snaps
Harry Powell, Carollee & Capt. Tony
Jasmine & friends at party
KC Glasswalker
Louie 2
Magnet Dan
Peter Gaul
Popcorn Harold
Rick & Jan
Scotty, Dennis & Captain Tony in a Parade
Johnny Star & The Stupid Egg Trick
Sunset Family
Tim Eric

Parrot Bill's Bird Show Web Site
The White Statue Man
Joseph- The Silver Statue
Ben Benton- Guitarist and Singer
Michael Patrick- Escape Artist
Pat Maher- Astounding Bicylce Tricks
Mark Riggs- Juggling on the 10' Unicycle
Casey Moore- Escape from Chains and Strait Jacket
Kris and Amy- Poi Fire Show
Ed Hauser- Lies on a Bed of Nails
Don- Juggling on a Unicylce
The Equalibrium Dancers
Rick and his Tricky Dogs- Its a dog show!
Frank Simon- A balancing act.
Pooze- Conga Drums player.
Anna- Violin virtuoso.
Oleg- Incredible juggling on a ladder
Don Littlejohn
John Brayfield- Guest guitarist
Gordon and Nancy- Visiting bagpipes and whistle from Scotland and Quebec
Checkers- Balloon Art
Eric Larson- The Iguana guy.
Todd Heinz- The other Iguana guy.
Robert Meece-Bed of Nails and Glass walker.
Dale Pritchard- The Sword Swallower.

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